Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply and demand

In economics we are learning about Supply and demand. This is a graph about supply and demand, the producer of the goods will want to sell the goods for as high a price as possible however the consumer will want to buy the product for as low a price as possible. the point or price where both the supplyer and consumer are happy is called the equilibrium point. For more information on supply and demand click here

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco homes

Imaging being able to live in a completely eco-friendly house like this one here:
Solar heating systems, sustainable resources, it would be wonderful but how can you???
Here are some points you should take into consideration:
  • If you have a stone floor you won't need air-con because the stone absorbs the heat during the day and releases it during the night.
  • Use locally sourced products where possible as it saves transportation.
  • Try to avoid cement because even though it soaks up carbon from the atmosphere it releases more carbon when it is being made than it will ever soak up.

For a link to a useful site about eco-homes click here

Monday, May 4, 2009

Limestone, Uranium and the Matai islands

In class because we are studying sustainability MrWoody has "discovered" a group of islands of the coast of Raglan and named them the Matai islands (which I don't understand as the islands are not in, or in the area surrounding, Matai bay - they are in Raglan). Each island has two natural resources and on our classes island we have Limestone and Uranium if you know anything we could do with them please comment here